Take a peak behind two Illustrated Cover Designs

As Much As I Ever Can

Meant To Be Broken

Please Contact for any inquiries.

At this time I’m currently booked for January, February, March, & April 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you create cover art for more genre’s than what’s represented on your portfolio?

I’ve never turned away a particular genre per say. My clients works have focused toward particular genre’s of women’s fiction, young adult, or various romance. If there’s a genre of interest that is not displayed on my portfolio, then simply send me e-mail to inquire.

What kind of Additional pieces have you created for clients?

I’ve created additions such as bookmarks, author business cards, 3-D mocks for online advertisements, banners, poster sized high resolutions for prints, book plates, and thank you cards for authors. When it comes to author swag additions there really isn’t much that cannot be created as long as you know the printer and their sizing requirements.

Are your designs exclusive?

Yes. Designs created for any client are exclusive to that particular cover design project. I take pride in creating one of a kind Cover Art Designs and would never dare of reusing a cover ever.

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