Interested in booking? Contact today through e-mail for a one on one quote for a personalized cover design.

Please take some time to review my cover designing portfolio before hand to ensure my design style fits your cover design needs.

For all custom designs, I take the time to read over the manuscript to ensure a specific one of a kind design.

Once start dates and design services are confirmed, a deposit invoice and design contract will be sent to reserve the cover design start date.


Upon booking, agreement of the cover design contract, and fulfillment of the deposit invoice, a design brief/questionnaire will be sent.

All clients are highly encouraged to research their genres and create a book cover mood board displaying their cover tastes. This will help identify specific design aesthetics.

A week prior to the start date all clients must have completed and sent back the design brief/questionnaire and their manuscript.


The first week of the cover design is reserved for deep diving into the manuscript, design brief/questionnaire, and conceptualization.

All preferences noted through the questionnaire and book cover mood board are taken into account and combined with those from the internal manuscript details.

During the second week of the cover design, two rough cover mocks will be created. Mock one will be geared to the clients vision described in the questionnaire. Mock two will be geared in a totally different design direction per the details and opportunities envisioned by the designer.

From the two rough cover mocks, one will be selected by the client as the final cover to fully render.


Once a mock is selected for the final direction, the cover design proceeds into the finalized detailings for the cover.

Samples will be shared through e-mail of the cover design while in the finishing process for reviewal. When the cover design front/wrap is complete samples will be shared for approval of the finalized cover.

With approval of the final design/wrap the final invoice for payment is sent.

With the final invoice payment complete
cover template files specific to the printer of choice must be e-mailed to me for a perfect print fit.

Any additional design services will be completed after the book cover sizing.

Currently Booking for 2022

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