love to read! I love art! I love to write! I love design!

But you see I have this problem. Every blog I check about books I’m interested in mostly ignores or barely touches on the first thing you see that makes you want to read the super, awesome, book. THE COVER!

Simply posting an image of the cover isn’t enough. The author bled many nights to make their work shine and the artist/cover designer has beaten their head and fingers into a bloody pulp to make you desire all the author’s hard work.

So, I give to you my version of book blogging. Where Cover Art matters just as much as the Story, where we celebrate the success of books emerging into the book world, Bookish news, and where I share my Cover Art Designs.

Call me… The Mother Cover Lover

Kirkus Reviews Magazine

By the title alone on this post I’m giddier than a kid in a candy store. The beginning of this month I had a post ready to go and well, just didn’t finish it. That and then there was the whole crap, there’s a cover in this Magazine that hasn’t revealed yet and everyone needed… Continue reading →