About Me

Jena has spent the past 19 years cultivating her passions in the Arts and is formally trained in the following: oil painting, watercolor painting, landscape painting, advanced & figure drawing, sculpture (wood & metal), ceramics, color design, conceptual design, a trove of art history knowledge (if you bring her to an art museum she will cry), and multiple years experience with Adobe Photoshop. ~ Jena graduated with her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts 2D-Painting and Drawing in 2008 and with her Masters of Arts in Teaching (K-12 Fine Arts) in 2013.

From the surrounding Alaskan beauty from her first breath, Jena has journeyed the life of being a military brat. An adventure that took her through many states, an arid country, and deep into the heart of the South. Where she found love, family, and food that truly makes you want to slap your mama. In her spare time, Jena terrorizes her darling kids and husband, tackles home projects, creates new treats in the kitchen, and writes to her heart’s desire.

From the hallowed halls of the classroom to discovering her path to book and cover art design, Jena strives to inspire others and to bring the vision of her art into fruition with an artistic flair.

A Selection of Authors I’ve worked with…

Leanne Treese

Cate Meighan

Susan Reinhardt

C. D’Angelo

Brandy Woods Snow

Milly Thiringer

Michelle Keener

Erin Pickett

Leslie Rush

Candace Robinson

Jaqueline Snowe

Jena R Collins specializes in custom covers, envisioning one of a kind creations with dedication and love.