Why did I begin writing?

Creativity flows within my veins. At an early age, I wrote poetry and still have it to this day, it’s quite hilarious to reread. Somewhere during that time, I learned how to express myself through art and pursued it in college. I graduated from Louisiana Tech University in Ruston with my Bachelors in Studio Art 2-D (painting and drawing).

After working for a while, I decided to return to school to endure another round of torture… excuse me… education to receive my Masters of Arts in Teaching. During this time, I taught at a wonderful middle school. Unfortunately, my time in the education system was short-lived.

Due to a job promotion, my family was required to relocate. Rather than returning to the workforce, I decided to stay at home with our two kids.

Juggling the act of being a stay at home mom, and expressing myself creatively became a struggle. No longer could I paint or draw for hours. My imagination was on overdrive. Creatively frustrated, I was mentally at my breaking point. My mind raced, and all I could do to satisfy its hunger was read.

Although, one day reading was no longer enough. My creativity itched to be released from its confinement. Desperate to satisfy its call. I began to write, and a story unknown to me flowed from my mind.

For once, I could describe the imagery in my mind and the dreams that haunted my soul. I wrote for my creative freedom, to rediscover my creative roots, and to inspire others. My greatest goal in life is to inspire those around me, for nothing in the world, could have ever been achieved without inspiration. Only then can we push the boundaries of our minds to accomplish the unbelievable.

So here I am embarking on inspiring others afraid to try something new and take you on a journey into the depths of my creative soul.

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