There’s The Girl


Women that have enjoyed longevity in any segment of the music industry are incredibly resilient. They know what failure is and what it takes to push past it to succeed. They have been both boosted and bullied for their looks or their weight. They’ve found love and endured heartbreak all while under public scrutiny, and they most certainly can share a thing or two about how complicated families are. I’ve often wondered what they would tell their sixteen-year-old selves at this moment in time if they could.

I’ve gathered a handful of women willing to address this and as I’ve sat listening to phenomenal rockers like Nancy Wilson of Heart and disco queens like Evelyn Champagne King speak, I’ve realized that they need to be heard in this unique way. They want to reach other women of all ages on a deeper level because the honest connection and positivity matter now more than ever.

The women found within these pages have not only chosen to share the nuggets of wisdom born only from a life fully lived, but they also want to contribute to a better future narrative. Add in a dash of humorous nostalgia and you’ve got the kind of read that is not only tough to put down but it’ll make you anxious for the follow-up. 

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