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This book was published first by Filles Verses Publishing under the title The Language of Divorce, and republished independently by Moxie Publishing, LLC.


Winner 2021 Book Excellence Award

Kirkus Reviews Best Indie Pick 2021

“This nuanced and empathetic novel balances the difficult and the heartwarming.” ~ Kirkus Reviews 

“This is an excellent drama. It reads like you are watching an episode of This is Us.” ~@readinggirlreviews

“It’s root is a beautiful love story and it’s quite an enjoyable read.” ~@bookopotomus

“A beautifully drawn portrait of a marriage gone awry.” ~Maria Imbalzano, author of The Sworn Sisters series 

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Hannah and Will Abbott define the American dream: two kids, a home in the suburbs, and a seemingly perfect marriage. But discontent lurks beneath the surface of their outwardly happy lives.

Will and Hannah each suspect the other of infidelity. When they independently consult divorce attorneys, the conflict escalates and Hannah flees with the children against a court order. This snap decision starts a social media firestorm and, suddenly, the Abbott divorce is big news.

With family stress and legal fees rising, Will and Hannah accept an invitation to appear on a reality television show for divorcing couples. During filming on the beautiful island of St. John, the Abbotts must decide once and for all: can their love survive their past?

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