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“Not only is Cate a great interviewer, but she has always had my back as an artist. I’m honored and grateful that she thinks to include me in her projects.” ~ STEVE LUKATHER – Toto

“Cate cares so much. Always a joy to work with as she can both “hold your hand” for the serious stuff and laugh out loud at life’s foibles. Thank you for your beautiful generosity of spirit.” ~ NICK VAN EEDE – Cutting Crew

“Cate is one of my favorite interviewers. She puts a lot of thought and strategy into everything, it’s the way only top of the line journalists do it.” ~ JEFF PILSON – Foreigner

“Cate is known for fact-checking all subject matter, especially things requiring transparency. She’s a fabulous writer with a terrific sense of balance that’s loved and embraced by many in the music industry, including me!” ~ CHIP Z’NUFF – Enuff Z’ Nuff

“I’ve done many interviews in my life and seldom does an interviewer keep the interviewee as engaged as Cate does. She’s a true master of her craft and leaves no stone unturned.” ~ JEFFREY MARTINEZ – Soave

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A handful of rock music’s heavyweights reflect on the lessons that life has taught them thus far. Artists from Foreigner, Dokken, Toto, Starship, Whitesnake, Cutting Crew, Survivor, and more also contemplate what advice they’d give to their younger selves now that they’ve got years of life experiences behind them.

Steve Lukather, Tom Gimbel, Robin McAuley, Chip Z’Nuff, Joel Hoekstra, Nick Van Eede, Jeff Pilson, Mickey Thomas, Jeffrey Martinez, Eric Bazilian, Steve Brown, Jim Peterik, Ron Keel, Michael Sweet and more have standalone chapters.

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