Mental Health Non-Fiction


This book was upcoming to be published by Filles Verses Publishing prior to their closing. The author has chosen not to publish independently or with another small press, which is a momental loss for the schizophrenic and mental health community.

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“There are sensors in my hands and cameras in my walls. I’m sure of it.”
But when Milly Thiringer mentioned this to her friends, the only thing they were sure of was that she needed to see a doctor.

Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at age nineteen, Milly spent years running circles through the revolving door of the public mental healthcare system, being told to focus on symptom management and coping strategies as no significant improvement in her prognosis could be expected.

She almost gave up. Almost. Along the way Milly’s learned to be her own advocate while fighting through and redefining “recovery.”

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