Shit Outta Love (WIP) – Women’s Fiction

Complete & Undergoing Edits

Mae Bennitt escaped to the city to her get away from her whacked out Mama, find her dream job, and someone to love. One and a half out of three ain’t bad. With all her Mama’s calls unanswered and her internship at the Frick Art Museum in the upswing, all that’s lacking is a man—at least, one that won’t cheat and abandon her for a pair of gold tits at the bar. And when Mae’s boss shows interest, she’s convinced he might be a candidate. That is, until a cowboy named Theo shows up and Mae’s world breaks. Her Mama’s ignored phone calls come back to haunt her. Her Daddy’s sick, and she needs to head home.

Two cents broke, Mae hitches a ride with Theo—a sarcastic, good-looking, pain in her ass who gets a spoonful off humility when he runs off the road. Mae confronts Theo and an attraction she tried to deny, transforms into a mutual truce and friendship. One that grows as they discover each other’s past on the road trip home, and deepens when she discovers Mama lied. Daddy wasn’t sick.

Twisted family drama, bitter words, and a steamy-budding romance with Theo makes Mae question her return home to the life she created in the city. For an opportunity she worked too hard for to give up, a life she had wanted—a life her heart no longer beat for. With Theo on her mind and a dream job opportunity in her grasps, Mae fights to admit what she wants until her boss makes his move, forcing her to choose where her heart truly lies even if it means returning home to the country and giving up everything she thought she ever wanted.

Aurora Gene- Light Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Outline/ Initial planning-Complete

Rewrite in progress 53% complete