Meant To Be Broken


Rayne Davidson is perfectly happy fading into the background. Her mama’s antics garner enough attention in their small Southern town for the both of them, but when Rayne catches the eye of all-star Quarterback Preston Howard, she’s enamored with the possibilities. Too bad Preston doesn’t make her heart thump—his brother does.

Gage Howard doesn’t mind the town’s stares because he doesn’t get them. Growing up in his older brother’s shadow, Gage shrugs off the endless parade of girls Preston brings home—until Rayne.

But there are unwritten rules that shouldn’t be broken, like cheating on your boyfriend or betraying your brother. Rayne and Gage deny their growing attraction, neither willing to hurt Preston—until the town finds out.

They think overcoming the gossip will be the hardest obstacle. They’re wrong.

Rayne’s mama has a secret, and its revelation could divide the town, the families, and the new couple.

Can love endure if it’s all built on a lie?

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“MEANT TO BE BROKEN is full of authentic southern voice and tells a complete story in an intensely emotional way.” ~KATTY UPPERMAN, YA romance of KISSING MAX HOLDEN, THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF US, AND HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN

“A well-written and intriguing story that will leave your mind spinning and your heart aching. Definitely a can’t miss.” ~MICHELLE LYNN, Assistant Indie Manager, YA Books Central

“You will not be able to put down this book. Woods Snow just keeps the heartbreaking suspense and deceitful drama coming.” ~CHRISTINE, The Uncorked Librarian

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