Romance Anthology


This book was published first by Filles Verses Publishing, and is no longer in print upon the publishers closing.


Will you find your true love on Main Street?

This collection of ten short stories explores the multitude of ways love can be lost and found, hidden and shared, come sunshine, snow, or rainy weather…

Meet a few of the residents of Main Street…

“I’ve spent so long hating him. Can I switch back to liking him
just like that?” – Melanie Hooyenga, Sunflowers and Lavender

“Paige likes how casually Cole can say divorce. Like, it happens… And
she’s not damaged.” – Faydra Stratton, Valentine’s Eve Not-A-Date Scavenger Hunt

“The only time I’m lucky enough to learn something about you is
when you’re yelling at me.” – Shaila Patel, Culture Clash on Main

“Why does she have to be the one I can’t get away from?
The one I don’t want to?” – Deborah Maroulis, Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers

“You get that look when you’re after something. I only hope one day that something is me.” – C. Vonzale Lewis,Chasing the Stor

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