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JRC ARTISTIC DESIGNS Custom Covers are a personal, one on one creation, where you, the author gets to voice their ideas on the cover of their dreams. There are, however, two things to consider when deciding if a custom cover is right for you.

One- Do you have the time required for one to be created?

Two- Are you prepared for the cost of a custom cover?

duckie8x6 72ppiNow, I mention time and cost due to the process entailed with a Custom Cover Design. Custom creations start at minimum of $350**-handcrafted design with hours upon hours of art work and detail required.

A 50% deposit fee is required upon booking any Custom Covers with JRC DESIGN and a contract will be signed by both parties. The deposit fee is completely refundable before the final sketch phase if both parties are unable to come to a consensus to the design of the cover in question.

You may be saying, “That’s a hell of a lot of money there.

But let’s walk through what a Custom Cover entails.

  • The Author will fill out a brief (questionnaire) with JRC Designs, allowing me a more personal sense of the story, genre, and look/feel, you, the author has envisioned.
    • And if I still need more knowledge of the ms to create a one of a kind masterpiece, I may request to read the full manuscript with the Author’s/Publisher’s premission.
  • Sketches or mock ups are generated and are discussed with the Author. At this point the Author may make any changes or alterations.
    • Once the sketch phase is complete and the artworks are ready for the next phase, the deposit fee then becomes a non-refundable/kill fee.
  • The Author will have one on one interactions with JRC ARTISTIC DESIGN’S until both parties are completely satisfied with the Custom Designed Cover.
    • eBook + Paperback + 3-D PROMO Design are all included in the final design’s package. If any other formatting is required, this can be requested.


Custom Cover’s with JRC ARTISTIC DESIGN is a unique personal experience. Where I cherish the novel baby you created, and help bring it to the next birthing phase for the world to share in its joy.