Young Adult Fantasy


This book was published first by Filles Verses Publishing, and republished by Champagne Book Group. To check out other books published by Sugah Publishing, Click Here.


1st place April 2020 Book Hangout Cover Wars Design

Featured in June 2020 Kirkus Review Magazine

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The danger isn’t walking into a dream; it’s escaping the nightmare.

Between working in her mom’s Tarot shop and trying to graduate before her nine-year-old genius brother beats her to it, Vivian Night Hawk has only one escape from her tiny New Mexico town: the ability to control her dreams, a gift she inherited from her Apache father. But lately that control is slipping, stranding her in a repeating nightmare that seems to follow her, even when she’s awake.

When she finds a jacket she suspects belonged to her dead father, Vivi steps beyond her usual lucid dreaming and discovers the electrifying secret of dreamwalking—the power to control the dreams of others. But with it comes a deadly menace: a top-secret CIA plot that threatens her brother, Brian.

Sought out by fellow dreamwalker Lucas, who is convinced their fathers are still alive, Vivi ventures deep into Dreamland to find a way to protect Brian. As the bond between Vivi and Lucas ignites, the conspiracy linking them together closes in, and Vivi must unlock the darkest power of all—a power that begins with her father’s quiet words: “Walk with me.”

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