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With like all great things in life, great Art and Covers take time, dedication, and love. JRC Designs schedules one on one exclusive time for your design and reviewing your manuscript to ensure a one of a kind design based on the elements of your novel.

There are two options available for Custom Cover Design: Digital Covers or Artistic Cover Creations.

It’s important to know which direction fits your tastes and novel the best!

E-Book & Full

Printing Layouts Designs Available

Need an Add-on Design?

Add-on Designs can be added to any Cover Design for a fee. Please note to know what Printing service or Digital service any material is intended for usage. Each Add-on will require specific sizing.

Upon booking and signing of contract with JENA R. COLLINS, a 50% deposit of the cover is required to retain slotted date to create the design and must be paid within seven (7) business days. If Client wishes to cancel the Client must send a written notification by email. The deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the final fee will serve as the cancellation (“kill”) fee if for any reason the job is canceled or postponed after initial sketches are agreed to before the final product and retained by JENA R. COLLINS.

If the Client decides to not go forward with one of the mock design once sketched, the Client will be refunded 25% of the down payment. When the Client commits to the design, then the 50% down payment will be retained by JENA R. COLLINS. Once the final production of the cover is underway, no cancellations or refunds will be provided. If the contract is cancelled, Client agrees to destroy all samples or completed work sent to the Client by JENA R. COLLINS.

One hundred percent (100%) of the total fee is due despite cancellation or postponement of the job if the cover art has been completed. Upon cancellation or kill, all licensing rights to the art revert to JENA R. COLLINS and all original art must be returned or destroyed, including sketches, comps, or other preliminary materials. The final balance of payment is due within seven (7) business days after design is approved and the invoice is submitted for the final Cover design. Payments will be made via PayPal, sent to Client as an invoice. Final Cover templates will be released to the Client after receipt of final payment.

**Please note some pricing may need to be adjusted depending on how the details of the project or if more stock imagery/specialized fonts are required. If any pricing needs adjustment JRC designs will notify you as soon as possible to determine how to proceed.