Cover Testomonials

Brandy Woods Snow

“And can I just say, Jena that you rocked the cover design. I mean y’all… have you seen all the attention to detail.”

Leanne Treese

“Working with Jena R. Collins on my cover design was a dream. Jena read my book and paid close attention to my thoughts regarding design. She came up with not one but three incredible cover templates. They were all so phenomenal, I had to hold a Facebook poll to pick the finalist!”

Leslie Rush

“Jena Collin’s attention to detail and deep understanding of the Dreamwalker’s world resulted in a magical cover — in spite of my “paper-bag moments”.”

Candace Robinson

“Jena, Holy Crap. I couldn’t have imagined a better cover and I want to sleep with it beside me always.”

Cate Meighan

“Jena’s creativity, sensitivity to what an author prefers, and then attention to detail is just phenomenal. Her work really tells the story and stands on its’ own. Just look at her work on There’s The Girl: Women in Music Rewind – and then take an even closer look to see all that you missed at first glance!”

Michelle Keener

“Jena is amazing. Her talent and professionalism are unmatched. She was prompt, responsive, and the care she took to understand the story and incorporate important elements was really impressive. I regularly get compliments on the cover she designed.”

Jacqueline Snowe

“Jena created the absolute perfect cover for Our Last Chance. The attention to detail in adding their names to the football? Ugh. Amazing. The way she brought my characters to life blew me away, I couldn’t have pictured a better cover if I tried.”

Milly Thiringer

“All of the elements you see on the cover speak to aspects of the book, from the clocks to the spiders. The spiders are my favorite part. I would never have thought to include them, but after reading my book, Jena came up with the idea and I just loved it. Y’all. She read the entire book to get a feel for the cover. That’s dedication.”

Quoted cited from Milly Thiringers Sit With Me While I’m Mad Cover Reveal Blog.

Editor Meg Dailey

“The bright, beautiful sign gives it the hometown feel we wanted for the stories inside! It’s perfect for the “Main Street” look we were going for. “

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