Young Adult Contemporary Romance


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One summer to lose yourself. One summer to find yourself. 

Reeling from an unexpected public break-up, recent graduate Bo Johnson finds his life in flux, unsure of his romantic outlook or himself. The one thing he can count on, however, is his dad’s desire for him to get serious about a future on the family’s large commercial farm—the one he stands to inherit. If he actually wants it, that is.  

For headstrong Jordan Wright, a life on her family’s small Appalachian farm has never been in question—as long as it doesn’t fall into foreclosure first. With debts mounting and the bank’s grace running out, Jordan inherently knows the one thing her mama and grandparents won’t say aloud: it’s up to her to save them.  

When Jordan lands a prestigious internship at Johnson Farms with a lucrative cash prize, she vows to keep her focus, despite partnering with the owner’s ruggedly handsome son who’s also shouldering the weight of family expectations. But as their success and affection for each other grows in tandem, Jordan becomes the target of Brice Johnson, the other intern leader, who harbors a grudge against Bo and a growing resentment toward Jordan.

Just when Bo is discovering his place on the farm and Jordan’s payout is within reach, a jealous Brice undermines the internship in an attempt to reclaim what he believes to be his rightful family stake, leaving Bo and Jordan with the realization that saving their inheritances could mean losing each other.

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