Kirkus Reviews Magazine

By the title alone on this post I’m giddier than a kid in a candy store. The beginning of this month I had a post ready to go and well, just didn’t finish it. That and then there was the whole crap, there’s a cover in this Magazine that hasn’t revealed yet and everyone needed to wait until that cover released this month on the 16th.

Did you miss that Cover Reveal? Don’t Fret, just click on the image below.

That said, I’m catching up and finally able to share with you the amazing Kirkus Review Magazine advertisement/announcement Filles Vertes Publishing was honored with receiving, which features 4 Covers designed by me (Jena R Collins/ JRC Designs)!

(See page 157)

Let’s take a closer look at these featured covers covers

For anyone unfamiliar, Kirkus Review isn’t as widely known on the general world’s market, but more so for the publishing side. Kirkus Book Review’s in their own right are highly coveted and respected within the industry. When an author receives a glowing review from Kirkus Reviews, well… let’s just say they have a good happy cry.

Now to get a spot in the Kirkus Review Magazine is another level of total meltdown happiness, which I know Fille Vertes Publishing was extremely honored to receive. Hell, to have four out of the six Book Covers featured in the Kirkus Review Magazine made me do my own happy dance.

Let’s take a look up close at the page spread from Filles Vertes Publishing announcing their new YA Imprint JEUNE FILLES.

See I kid you not. I’ve had my head down and have been busting some behind the scenes ass in the Cover Art & Design side. It brings me so much joy to share this piece of design news and I’m beyond delighted and honored to have my creations featured in this Kirkus Review Magazine for Filles Vertes Publishing.

Jena R Collins/ The Mother Cover Lover Out!

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