Video Interview on the Cover design of As Much As I ever Could

If you’ve ever participated in any of the awesome Book Launch Parties I’ve shared, then you’ve seen my face pop up from time to time in some quick Behind The Designs. Kinda like my blog posts, though these babies area all video.

Most of the time it’s just me and my trusty split screen computer, but this time the wonderful author Brandy Woods Snow and I jumped into the Behind the Design talk together.

She calls it an interview on YouTube, but really, its a whole lot of fun with some cool hidden gems not many will know and how the cover AS MUCH AS I EVER COULD came into conception.

Oh, yes, and I forewarn it’s not short. We like to chat and well… we had too much fun recording this in on go for the big Release Party. So sit back, pop some popcorn, and Enjoy!

Interested in AS MUCH AS I EVER COULD, then order from any of these fine retailers and remember to leave your reviews for this amazing author!

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Love Locked

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