May Wrap-Up

So I’ve finally come to the permanent realization that my review time has been cut down significantly. Not due to a reading slump, but more so since I’m having to redirect so much time to various projects. I had a hefty goal of reviewing one book a week, and now I’m going to have to change that to one or two books a month.

What various projects do I have going on? Well…

*My husband has put me in charge on helping him with a top secret endeavor that includes help with designing, blogging, and managing certain platforms.

*It’s summer and my kids and family will not be denied their Mommy.

*A few DIY Home projects between everything else of Mom Life and Design life. I breathe DIY and creativity, so…

*My own writing (which isn’t happening, sigh…), reading and reviewing, blogging, social media’s, and secret cover art/design projects galore.

*I’ve been super busy working with Filles Vertes Publishing with Cover Art & Designs, but I’m starting to gear up for taking more freelance work soon. It’s been amazing to celebrate with Authors on their cover creations and the positive vibes and clientele already planning booking future covers with me.

OH, and have you seen the new block editors on WordPress?!?!

Truly, it couldn’t have been planned at a better time. I was beyond frustrated at not having more control over my web design and was contemplating switching platforms. Not anymore! But with that said have y’all seen my new web layout????

Here’s a few Screen Shots just in case, but I’m so excited to finally have more customization with WordPress.

So let’s get into the Month of May Wrap-ups!

I’ve desperately missed the Bookish Beauties Posts, where we go through the top 200 covers releasing for the month and select the most eye catching darlings. Next month I plan to kick this off again and get back into my blogs, now summer is in gear and school mom has taken a vacation.

book & Cover Reviews

Book Review Rating: 5/5 stars

Cover Review Rating: 5/5 stars

At first, I didn’t quite know where MASTER OF SORROWS would take me, aside from the blurb. Why? Well, when I noticed the Prologue and Part One before the first chapter I became quite terrified at the wealth of information about to be dispersed. Many writers or authors run for the hills or shudder at the word Prologue, however, Justin Call didn’t.

In fact, the first flavor of darkness awaiting in this novel reared its ugly head in the Prologue, and the foundational history for which MASTER OF SORROWS is built upon…

Cover reveals

Lyrica & Curses by Candace Robinson/ Cover Art & Design by Jena R Collins/ Coming Soon from Filles Vertes Publishing

So I teased on my Facebook Page there was a coming reveal about to drop and the day has come. Totally Excellent!! I’m having major 80 vibes here. Why? ‘Cause this cover reveal is a totally tubular, 80’s time frame, music-loving, paranormal romance!!

That and it’s designed by ME for a sweetheart of an Author!!!!

See I kid you not, I’ve had my head tucked away super busy lately. Let’s meet this fab Author and her rad novel, LYRICS & CURSES!!!

Bookish news & celebrations

Did you hear about this amazing Pre-order giveaway for AS MUCH AS I EVER COULD by Brandy Woods Snow??? Or THE FACT AS MUCH AS I EVER COULD GOT A KIRKUS REVIEW!!!!

happy Release day

I”m so proud of my friend and critique partner, Brandy Woods Snow. Today, her second book is officially out in the world, where you can order her book with a click and read instantly. Or have it shipped in a few days.

jrc design news

The Book Hangout declared DREAMWALKERS, written by Leslie Rush, Cover Art & Design by Jena R Collins the Winners of April Cover Wars! 

This little gem happened last month, but I was slammed between schooling, life, and designing. I’m beyond delighted this cover art got so much love from all of those that voted in The Book Hangout.

may it’s been great, we made it through schooling at home, QUARANTINE life, and i look forwards to what awaits to come in june!

Mother cover love out

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