The Not so Humorous Side

We all have the not so humorous side to life. Okay, sometimes there’s humor, but your to darn tired to laugh at it. Today’s a pajama day at our house because Mom woke up not feeling the day. For example:


Yeppers. That is exactly how I feel this morning and it hasn’t let up with the gloomy weather. Plus, the new realm of coexisting with your family all day long.

It brings me back to the days when the bathroom doors don’t close. The children you adore stare at you while you try for one forsaken minute to pee. Lawrd, forbids if you had to drop the duce, but then they grow. The doors are allowed to crack open rather than full-on exposure, the kids flutter off, and you have achieved the excitement of the mom in the pool floaty on the first day of school.

That is until they become reattached to your hip and you, the parent who almost gained back the wings of freedom, are stuck in a situation more unexpected than open-door bathroom days. The arguments unfurl, the five minutes of sanity to think are as rare as the pink and purple unicorn tossed in your daughter’s room.

Aw, yes, those that stay home on a usual basis rather than working, experienced these issues from an early age. Those now having to work from home with their lovely monsters in tow will now begin the multiple stages of parental meltdowns in how to regain the freedom they once had.

But let’s be real.

Though I haven’t had a full stage meltdown, trying to find a new balance is like walking on hot coals at different moments during day. Some days are great and some are quite frankly draining.

My blog’s been silent and all of my pre-planned posts have now been postponed until I can get a handle on this new normal. In fact, I showed my ass just yesterday with a review posting that I hadn’t finished and this post has been under construction since last week.

Which leads me to now debating on what’s the best direction to go with my blog. To continue postponing my bookish posts until I can get a grip or share my frustrations during this time or disregard every platform piece of advice by posting what I feel like rather than one type of content. Usually, I keep my internals to my monthly recaps, but I’ve even sucked at those. Blah.

So I’m going to share my frustrations with some more in the moment posts, and maybe, just maybe, my frustrations will hit on yours.

For those of you who love my bookish posts don’t fret. I do have plans to get them back in full swing, but life’s a bit of a roller coaster with this change. The bad days when homeschooling one kiddo goes great and the other ends up in disaster.

Here’s the human side of The Mother Cover Lover and an internal post. With all the craziness going on it’s absurd to not give voice and share with others. You never know who might need to hear you’re not the only one having to figure this new normal out.

So while I do love humor and always having a giggle, here’s the not so humorous post. Some will click off it, some will ignore it, and some will totally understand.

Mother Cover Lover Out!

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