Bookish Beauties: Young Adult Mystery & Thriller- 2020 January Edition

Tired of searching for genre Book Cover Art and having to scroll until your finger is ready to fall off? Yes?

Well, you and I have the same problem. 

So to help keep an eye on the trends, unique color combinations, fonts, and aesthetics for the Book Cover Art market, I pieced together my own Book Cover Art list called Bookish Beauties. Book Covers that make me want to pick up the book, read the blurb, and buy!


(Special thank you to my writing partners, who helped create this new bookish blog name!)

Depending on the Novels releasing each month, the quantity displayed in each genre will vary. 

With that stated, it seems this month YA Mystery & Thrillers is not as robust as to the Adult novels releasing. Though, I for one don’t think quantity holds nothing to the quality a few well-created covers can obtain.

(These covers are pulled from the most anticipated books releasing January 2020.)


Young Adult Mystery & Thrillers- 2020 January

(Click on any individual Book Cover Art to link over to the blurb on Goodreads)

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45449799   45045194

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Have you seen any gorgeous January 2020 Young Adult Mystery & Thriller Book Covers that need to find it’s spot on my Cover Art list?

Then PLEASE comment below so I can check them out with my critical artist’s eyes! I would love to add more to my list!! 

Know any future amazing Books releasing this 2020 with eye-captivating cover art, drop me a line below so I can check it out and possibly add it to the BOOKISH BEAUTIES line up. Small press, Indie, Big, or Self-publishing, I don’t care. 

Help me find covers & support more authors, but I ain’t no pushover, all cover lover. 

Get ready for the new round of content making its debut this 2020 year! To us digging in deep to the elements of book covers, following the publishing cover art market, and the usual, though, anticipated Mother Cover Lover book & cover reviews!

And yes, I’m playing catch up from my non-posting last month. I can’t leave out a month of book covers y’all.

Aspire to Inspire


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