Veterans Day

veterans daypost

Is it strange to think many people don’t understand Veteran’s Day?

That Veteran’s Day was formerly known as Armistice Day. The official day to honor the end of WWI, which then changed in America to include all Veterans in 1954.

Perhaps many don’t discuss the details of why anymore in general society, but so goes one outside the military life understanding the deep-rooted fears forever tormenting a service member’s family when their loved one is called to serve, defend, and protect the rights so many take for granted.

Today is not a day to honor those who we’ve lost while defending and fighting bravely.

No, today is the day we honor those who serve,  had served, and survived.

Who are spending or have spent the long nights tucked into the flapping tarps of tents away from their families and loved ones, in the laced boots lined with sweat, the dirt grimed into the grooves of their nails that no amount of washing will take away, or the hours of sky miles to transport weary souls and missions that can never be spoken.  Veterans’ wake to this day suffering an unknown pain, stress, and begin a new battle at blending back into a society they once belonged.

A Veteran is not conformed to one nationality or gender.

His or Her bravery and honor are sometimes shrouded in silent pain.

They fight or have fought in battles prior for our freedoms.

Let us always honor and cherish them while they stand beside us and not below.


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