Goodreads Hot Damn Look Buy on Book Cover Alone-November Edition 1

Gobble, gobble, gobble ’til you wobble. November is here and it’s time for a fresh window-shopping trip of…

Hot Damn


Do you smell the scent of burnt wood and taste the fresh cider curling over your tongue? Fall is in full swing here. The trees are shaking their leaves with vigor, as we start the non-stop battle of where’s the driveway?

This month has to be one of the fattest months in the year, apart from Christmas. All the good food coming to the table, the leftover candy from Halloween, and the glorious amounts of sweets/cookies one already has plans to make. If you’ve never had a pair of stretchy pants, then you best get you some ’cause your waistline will appreciate it.

That is until you hit new years and decide it’s time to button up that food pooch you just acquired. LOL. For now, let us leave our wallets behind, step into the awesomeness of the digital world and window shop from our digital screens.

Remember the HOT DAMN objective!

 If a book cover (designer, publisher, and marketing team) had done its job correctly, then you would’ve picked up that book and turned it over to find out more. So let’s have a bit of fun and do some window shopping with Cover Art alone.


No Blurbs, No Author Bias, Hands Down Picking a Book on Nothing but the Cover Art Alone.

26032912. sy475 Nice to see you again Holly Black.

If you’ve never read the Cruel Prince series than you’re missing out. Now, sorry, not sorry, but I have to ignore the Author’s name.

Cover Alone- Interesting. Crown’s split, frozen in ice, blood is actually on the ice next to a creepy little snake. I can pretty much figure out someone’s not holding the title/lost a title of a kingdom and foul play has ensued.

What I do like about this cover is it’s giving us a dark concept, but not overtly dark in coloration. The concept of the storyline is more important.

I’m interested. Not sure if I’m going to Hot Damn Buy yet. I will have to wait to see how many I have at the end.


43575115. sy475

There are many covers I come across that I don’t care for and this has to be one in this unfortunate category.

I get the keys, the ribbons, the font is nice and placed in a good spot, but in the end, the lack of coloration in the ribbons makes me frown.

THE STARLESS SEA seems anything but eye-catching with the lackluster and almost blase feel of the ribbons curling on the cover. For such a key (no pun intended) component I wish it had more life. Color. Why no color? Or range in contrast?

Perhaps it deals with something inside of the book, but if it’s this dull on the outside what does that mean on the inside. Sadly, I don’t want to think that way, but I do. So I PASS.


37632682. sy475

I like, I like, I like. Honestly, I’ve never read this series, but I recognized the theme of the artwork instantly. Smart and bravo! I do love when a series sticks with a theme and gives a different flavor for each cover. So many times you can see a reuse with a minor change in lower publishing houses or self-publishing. The same theme, different imagery is spot on the way to handle series covers.

That said is this cover piquing my interest/capturing my eye. Yes, in fact, it is. Cover’s that don’t follow the market trends and stick out among all those that will win a reader’s interest.

On cover alone, I’m interested. On cover alone, I recognize that there’s potentially a series. On cover alone, I will HOT DAMN BUY!



Eh, I’m not sure what the hell is being conveyed here. No tag line, the title reinforces the imagery, which leaves me baffled. I also don’t like that the streak of yellow, fire, is the same tone of the Title.

There’s an under shadow in the word Call to separate it, but it doesn’t stand out the way it needs too. I’m having trouble to even pin down the genre.

Sadly, due to my confusion, not being able to read the blurb per rules, and the other books in the awesome lineup today, I’d Pass.

Hard Pass.




Iron Man isn’t dead! Seriously, doesn’t it look like Iron Man in the background? LOL.

This cover is not only eye-catching but makes me drool with anticipation. There’s the electricity, the obvious demise of the surroundings, screaming a battle or showdown of epic proportions is about to go down.

The red against the electric blue pops in such a great way, and the darkness of the cover on the outside drawing you to the interior highlights all the important notes.

Def a HOT DAMN BUY for me!




Creepy. One might wonder are these vines going up to the family upstairs? Are people climbing down using them? Are they tangled in a deadly situation?

The imagery, while not exactly portraying the storyline incites questions about the story’s possibilities. It definitely hits the dark factor of what genre it might fall into.

I’m not sold, but the tag line has me wondering so much. THEN SHE WAS GONE. This is why I love tag lines. When one has no clue on the direction the tag line does this. It makes the reader more curious. Oh, whoops that is in fact not a tag line, but the readers other novel previously published.Oh the trickery on my eyes, but if that caught me off guard the question remains did it get you too?

Still even with this trickery, I’m now thoroughly intrigued and want to buy to find out more.




I have no clue, but I’m in. Ominous.

I know there is a lack of color, but let’s compare how this cover got it right versus THE STARLESS SEA above:

One- there’s a range in the contrast. The dark to light differences is significant. THE STARLESS SEA had grey, grey, black, and more grey with bits of yellow-gold keys. This actually has a full range with the incorporation of white.

Two-there’s actually more information provided that is significant to the storyline & gives the mood to which we will be dropped into.

Three-Genre, genre, genre. I can tell instantly this genre is Sci-fi. Whereas THE STARLESS SEA left me puzzled.

This is the correct way to use a limited color palette to illustrate a cover. Def a HOT DAMN BUY.


38205707. sy475

I don’t know why but I see this cover I get the GOLDEN COMPASS vibes.

I like the feel of the cover, and the different flavor of the region it presents. There’s such a trend with Queen, Prince, Kingdom type novels right now I’m almost tired of it. Sorry, author, but I’m almost kingdomed out.

I’m ready for a fresh wind of something more paranormal perhaps. Back to the cover, I do like it a lot and the artistic feel. I’m interested, but the question is am I more interested than the few I’ve already loved.

I dunno, I will have to wait until the end to decide.



30315692. sy475


I have no idea what this is about, but I want to read it. The cover yells comedy to me and so does the title. BEARD NECESSITIES.


I’m in love with the humor of this cover. If you’ve been in the south or have any grandparents who’ve ever done needlepoint, then this cover hits home to you.

I wish I could read the blurb. In fact, I might google the blurb after we finish window-shopping I’m that damn interested now. One to see if it is humor and two what the hell is it about.





I love the artist’s direction of this cover, however, it’s not engaging. There’s not enough making the mermaid or whatever creature it is to stand out in the imagery.

In other words, the creature does not take the focus of the cover but rather blends in too much. Again color seems to be an issue here. Why not make the merperson pop with a brighter color. Perhaps, they are sticking more to the story-line, but I do have to say something needs to pop more here. It could be the title, the merperson, or even the light bleeding into the water. There’s not enough give and pull. Shading and light. Therefore the cover falls not flat, but quiet to me.

Def an interesting cover, by I’d pass given the other covers in the lineup.



So from the first top 10, I would walk away after any of my last-minute debates with these 5 on Cover alone. There were two covers

I debated on, but at the end of the shopping trip, I already had 5 on my HOT DAMN list. So they would unfortunately not make-believe come home with me.

30315692. sy475 42769202


4277175437632682. sy475




Well, most of society, even those who claim to not be persuaded by this are in some small capacity. We buy clothes, food, movies, shows, products, etc. based on how it appears. How it is marketed. Imagery feeds the soul, the mind, and tantalizes its viewer. Creates desire, intrigue. This is why getting the cover of a novel right is paramount for its author, genre, and readers.

What books would you buy on the cover alone?

Remember the rules! Tell me your picks below in the comments. 

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the second edition of HOT DAMN LOOK AT THAT COVER in November! 


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3 thoughts on “Goodreads Hot Damn Look Buy on Book Cover Alone-November Edition 1

  1. I picked Beard Necessities and Supernova before I read your take. I agree, the artwork of The Deep is beautiful, but I would want more details and color to make it stand out. Love the post! ☺️

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