Goodreads Hot Damn Look at that Book Cover- October Edition 2

Hot Damn


Hold up. It’s been a hot while since we did a HOT DAMN window-shopping trip. I know, I know. There was a surprising twist in the usual line up covers in the ABA segment. How they picked almost every cover we’ve window-shopped baffled me, but so it goes. I’d rather have fresh content and not regurgitate content for posting sake. Then it also helps when you don’t have life and home renovations falling from the sky on you too.

So this month of October we will finish up the Hot Damn Series with the last 11-20 Goodreads Top-voted book covers of the month.

Remember the HOT DAMN objective!

 If a book cover (designer, publisher, and marketing team) had done its job correctly, then you would’ve picked up that book and turned it over to find out more. So let’s have a bit of fun and do some window shopping with Cover Art alone.


No Blurbs, No Author Bias, Hands Down Picking a Book on Nothing but the Cover Art Alone.

45033931Some may think I’m off-kilter this cover loving time, but I really like this cover.

There’s a no-frill quality, hardship, a time frame of questioning for me, and the texture of the black marks for the wordage is eye-catching.

I haven’t read the blurb, but from the information provided (the bestselling author of THE TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ) I have to wonder if this deals with the Holocaust camps.

The imagery of the building with the fencing in the distance almost makes me want to confirm this inkling.

This is def a novel I’d want to read! HOT DAMN I’d buy.



46015350. sy475


Oh… I love this cover so much. It gives off this creepy-cool vibe. Like welcome to Martha Stewart’s kitchen, but for a witch. I don’t think I’ve seen another cover this vibe.

Dark but vibrant with only herbs.

The tiny pops of gold hiding behind the foliage, adds great depth, as well, as the book and herb jar below.

I have no clue what this is about other than a witch and some herb potions coming ahead, but I’m down for whatever’s in store.

HOT DAMN, I’d buy.




Hello there… blue cover, calling to me now. I’m falling for you now.

Did you hear those words singing? ‘Cause they sure as hell sang tome. Oh, this cover has everything I’d ever want in a romance. It gives the feels, has such a classic, yet, up to date look.

The coloring is so spot on its beauty hurts my eyes.

I want to open it! I want to put on the song MOON RIVER and read. Def a HOT DAMN buy!




I’m torn on this cover. While I like the one character in rainbow colors and the black and white setting, I do not like the way the title and author name commands no attention.

Not like I’m paying head to those details in making my decision, but it does make the cover feel rather bland.

I do love the tag line and appreciate that there is a tag line.

However, I’m stuck on the blandness of the cover by not incorporating any bits of color to pop in other areas.

So, unfortunately, a Pass.




Well, we went from no color to holy cow there’s a ton of red and purple.

I do like the coloration going on, but here and again I’m lost on what the story is eluding too.

There’s a train, mountains, sunset, and then the title is THE BOOK OF DUST. Oh, a strange little creature lurking in the ‘O’ of the title.

I have no clue other than it’s a fiction and a sequel. This is a book you really need to read the back of the book to understand the cover. Per the rules, I cannot.

So this will be another sad Pass.




This Cover is so on for me it’s not funny. First off I do have to block the Title and Author. What good Sci-fi fan hasn’t heard, watched, or read DUNE.

For realz, now. The Cover!!! OMG! If this was for another series I’d still be all over it. You got the desert, the blue spice planet, and the main character all in on whack.

The way the figure is shaded out and the blue eyes stand out makes me want to scream. Doesn’t this cover also have a Manga vibe?

Love, love, love.

Def HOT DAMN, I’d buy.



42288081. sy475

This screams Sci-fi so hard. I love the splash of color dust. Almost like you’re running in one of those tie-dye color runs.

I’m curious.

Not much is relayed other than genre, the title, and the series name. I wish there was a tag line, but we all wish for more don’t we?

This feels up my reading lane, and cause of that I’d probably be a HOT DAMN buy.

I’ll have to wait until the end to be sure, but for now, it’s a very high chance of buying.



41576198. sy475

First off the title of this makes me say no.

Like a hard NO. I don’t want this book anywhere near my house with the fear of bad juju. The car in the cover is old and rusted out, which implies this may have a mystery old crime case to solve kind of vibe.

However, I can’t get over the title and the font style. It’s not serious and rather playful. Since when is drowning a playful event.

I’m sure the blurb may say something else, but I for one, cannot even consider this novel.

Hard Pass.




I like the colors of the buildings. Other than that… nope, nada.

I’m actually a tad frustrated not more attention was given to any elements to tell a part of the story.

Oh, look at this picture. Slaps image on Cover than calls it a day. Seriously, I get nothing from this. It’s almost as if I’m about to open a brochure for a vacation.

That was harsh, yes, but it is spot on. Well, actually vacation brochures have a more scenic image at least.

Seriously, hard Pass.




41252296. sy475

WTH? We had one of these before with a Sarah J. Mass book. No cover, but it’s being voted on already as a top cover. Sorry, not sorry.

This relies on only the author’s name and the titles associated. Come on people. Wait until the cover comes out to actually vote.


Hard No.






So from this selection of Goodreads top 11-20, I would walk away after any of my last-minute debates with these 5 on Cover alone.

                                 45033931   46015350. sy475   44767458                                                                           42288081. sy475  43822778



Well, most of society, even those who claim to not be persuaded by this are in some small capacity. We buy clothes, food, movies, shows, products, etc. based on how it appears. How it is marketed. Imagery feeds the soul, the mind, and tantalizes its viewer. Creates desire, intrigue. This is why getting the cover of a novel right is paramount for its author, genre, and readers.

What books would you buy on the cover alone?

Remember the rules! Tell me your picks below in the comments. 

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the THIRD edition of HOT DAMN LOOK AT THAT COVER in October! 


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