Light on Glass Book Cover Reveal

I’ve had many design secrets to keep this year, and this is one of those few secrets. I can’t explain the bubble of emotions inside of me. I am proud to share with you the Cover release of Light on Glass.

A Book Cover designed by me in collaboration with Filles Vertes Publishing!

I will dig deeper into behind the scenes design in a future post, but today we must meet the wonderful author, Michelle Keener!

Michelle Keener is a multi-genre author and speaker. She lives in Southern California with her retired Marine husband, their two children, and a spoiled dog named Bobo. When she isn’t writing, she is busy homeschooling, teaching creative writing workshops, or baking something involving chocolate.

Without further delay,

Light on Glass!



Publisher: Filles Vertes Publishing 


Book Title: Light on Glass


Author: Michelle Keener


Cover Design: Jena R. Collins/ JRC Designs/FVP Creative Designer


Genre: Women’s Fiction

A failed author turned stay-at-home mom snaps.

Tossing her yoga pants and ditching her carpool, she escapes suburban life to write the next Great American Novel… or at least, finish a draft.

In a secluded mountain cabin with nothing but her laptop and an endless supply of coffee, she writes the story of Lucia, a faithful woman from the eighteenth century who’s determined to live life by her own rules. But the eccentric locals, a stream of new story ideas, and a suitcase full of doubt threaten to sabotage the book. Can she push through to resurrect her dreams or does being a mom mean leaving it all behind?

Alternating between laugh-out-loud and ugly-cry inducing moments, Light on Glass is a humorous and heartbreaking look at writing, motherhood, and the love we leave behind.

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