Cover Reveal-The Nightmare Detective


The Mother Cover Lover isn’t critiquing today and these aren’t my designs. I do, however,  love to help support other Designers, Publishers, and Authors!

Huzzah! Time to meet one of FVP’s upcoming authors, K. Childs.

By day, Kristy works as an IT Project Coordinator. She wanted to be a fairy princess when she grew up but sadly discovered that the job was no longer on the market. Instead, she embarked on a career to at least write about princesses in castles and grand adventures. She lives in Canberra, Australia, with an abundance of old comics and cute anime figurines. She fell in love with anime so much, she spent 9 years learning Japanese through High School and University.

By night, Kristy is a hippy and foodie, enjoying the life of a city-bred lady and trying all the latest restaurants and foodie crazes she can. She is most at home throwing money around in a handcrafts market, eating gourmet chocolate, discussing the various ramen recipes between restaurants and browsing second-hand bookstores for undiscovered gems. She is a consummate spinster and lover of animals, but has yet to receive a crazy cat lady starter kit.

Without further delay Cover Reveal



Publisher : Filles Vertes Publishing 


Series: Myth & Magic

Author: K. Childs

Cover Design: FVP Publishing



London, 1920. 

The nation recovers from the Great War. 

Steam and diesel battle for supremacy. 

And magic is a college elective.

Detective Inspector Rose Beaumont stays busy in bed, patrolling London’s Dreamscape. When His Majesty’s first line of defense against nightmares is assassinated, Britain falls vulnerable to a monstrous attack, and DI Beaumont is called on to solve the murder…or take the heat.

Even though charming Duke Montague, a key witness to the supernatural crime, makes DI Beaumont’s eyes roll, she must navigate the pretenses of emerging nobility, unweave the web spun by murderous monsters, and evade the ever-present threat of social suicide to keep the Duke alive by stopping whomever (or whatever) is on the warpath while simultaneously dodging the overprotective Duchess’s henchmen.

Between “Prince Charming” and gruesome death stands one tired detective.


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